Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Need to Make the Case for Energy Legislation

Here in the nation's capital, Congress has adjourned for its month-long August recess and the city's political scene has grown more quiet. After a tremendous amount of activity in the halls of Congress, our representatives accomplished only a sparse amount of work. This is particularly true in regard to the rising energy crisis and the cost of natural gas...prices that are having a direct impact on the bottom line of your business and the entire plastics industry.

Working with coalitions and allies and making our own frequent trips to Capitol Hill, SPI continues to be active in promoting legislative action to address energy issues. Frankly, we view the fact that Members of Congress are now home in their states as a major opportunity for all SPI members to step up engagement with their lawmakers and demand that they address the high cost of oil and natural gas. I urge you to make an effort to contact your lawmaker at some point during the month of August.

Catch them on your home turf! Set up an appointment with your lawmaker in their district office or phone the office to explain how the cost of energy is impacting your business. You can also invite your lawmaker to tour your facility...anything to show how urgent this issue is to the plastics industry.

SPI's Government Affairs team is available to help you contact your Member of Congress, prepare you for a meeting or help write a letter. Please know that SPI's lobbying effort in Washington is substantially enhanced when paired with SPI members from across the country actively engaging their elected representatives. Thank you for boosting our efforts by making the case for energy legislation this month.

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Van said...

We in Western North Carolina are facing a 33% price increase in electricity from Progress Energy if it passes the board. We will be contacting all of our congressman and incourage others to do so.