Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ACC and SPI introduce the Plastics Ambassador Program

The American Chemistry Council and The Society of the Plastics Industry are teaming up on a program designed to educate and mobilize companies and individuals within the industry to bring the positive messages about plastics to their communities.

The plastics industry has a great story to tell regarding efforts in litter and marine debris prevention, recycling and continued research in developing innovative, environmentally-friendly products. Working together, we can spread the message that plastics are a resource too valuable to waste.

This includes demonstrating industry's desire to promote product stewardship and sustainability, an awareness of the impact of our products and our commitment to be responsible community members.

The proposed vehicle for carrying out these efforts is a "Plastics Ambassador Program." This 12-month program will seek to engage employees to participate in various activities at local, state and national levels, including:
  • Sharing positive plastics messages at community events, PTA meetings, recycle days, beach clean ups, legislative hearings, city council meetings, etc.
  • Sponsoring PlastiVan™ visits at your schools. The PlastiVan Program is a great way to excite young people about science and the vast opportunities the plastics industry has to offer. PlastiVan's travel to schools and companies throughout North America, educating people of all ages about plastic's chemistry, history, processing, manufacturing, sustainability and application.
  • Engaging with the media through letters to the editor, opinion editorials, desk-side briefings and interviews to promote the positive attributes of plastics and the industry.
  • Meeting with elected officials in their home districts or inviting officials to tour your facility to provide industry perspective on related legislation.
We need your help to get the Plastics Ambassador Program off the ground! Please let us know by September 5, 2008 if your company and its employees are interested in participating in this important effort. We will be happy to provide you with additional information outlining the program, time commitment, resources, training and more.

In addition, we are interested in learning more about your individual company initiatives and successes with this type of outreach. We are seeking to gather best practices and are soliciting any current materials you have already developed for similar public relations and advocacy efforts.

For additional information, please contact Capers Brown (ACC) or Lynne Harris (SPI).

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