Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Great Investment in a Volatile Market

Have we hit bottom yet? Hard to say. The Dow closed way down today. But there has been some good news this week. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake urged Congress to consider a second economic stimulus plan (which made the Dow jump up) and a piece on on Monday reported that the index of leading economic indicators (LEI) surprised economists by jumping 0.3% in September. Lending rates are also improving. Sure, things will still probably be up and down as we enter 2009, but it is nice to read at least a few positive headlines for a change.

Here’s more good investment news for the plastics industry: NPE2009 is only eight months away. While NPE has a long tradition of boosting machinery and equipment sales during the quarter it is held (as it did once again in 2006), NPE2009, which will be held June 22-26, 2009 at McCormick Place in Chicago, will be truly an “all-industry” event and a sound business investment for many reasons.

Plastics professionals who are seeking the latest information and technology can see and learn from over 2,000 displays at every level of the supply chain. Visiting Chicago for NPE2009 means buying just one airline ticket to see the entire industry. Participants can visit with supplier executives, R&D personnel, engineers, product managers and marketing professionals from every company, and then walk a few feet for a comparative shopping experience.

Exhibitors will benefit from being able to reach buying teams in one location, for a cost per lead which is considerably less than if they were to visit clients individually. Exhibitors have the ability to show their new technology in the best possible light. Processors and designers in the plastics industry will always seek the innovative solutions, and NPE2009 -- the largest global gathering of plastics industry professionals under one roof -- provides the best possible venue to accomplish this task.

Plus, co-located events at NPE2009 compound your investment by providing supply chain access, innovations and economies well beyond the scale of an exhibit booth. The co-location of ANTEC (the single largest technical conference for the plastics industry in the world), MoldMaking Expo 2009 (the only event devoted exclusively to showcasing technologies and strategies used in moldmaking and rapid manufacturing, the new International Plastics Design Competition and the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology Executive Summit ensure that NPE2009 will be a multi-faceted global event not to be missed!

Do your business a favor. Put your stock in NPE2009. Did I mention attendee registration is now open?

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