Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween: Plastic Makes It Safe, Yet Delightfully Spooky

These days, plastic products go a long way to make Halloween both fun and safe for kids as they traverse their neighborhoods trick-or-treating in the dark. In fact, Halloween safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics include at least four that rely on the benefits of plastics:
  • Adding plastic reflective tape to costumes (as well as to props and candy containers) help kids become more visible to motorists and each other.
  • Plastic flashlights not only light the way over and around curbs, uneven pavement and bushes, they are durable and light-weight. (Don’t forget fresh batteries.)
  • In some cases, at least one child in a group should carry a cell phone and know how to call 9-1-1 or other emergency numbers. (Most phones are covered with a hard plastic – which provides durability, cost savings, design flexibility, and weatherability.
  • Choose swords, magic wands, scepters and other props that are not heavy or sharp. Thanks to plastic, these make-believe items can be soft, flexible foam and rounded at the edges and ends.
And, while the American Academy of Pediatrics states that makeup and decorative hats are safer alternatives to masks which might limit eyesight, it is also true that some plastic masks can be trimmed to fit better and/or to provide larger holes to see through.

Beyond the safety benefits to kids on Halloween, have you considered how much plastic contributes to the scary decorations that make the most “festive” houses in the neighborhood --- like this or this -- the ones that kids frequent the most?

Happy Halloween!

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