Friday, November 13th, 2009

Holiday Eating Tip: Enjoy Yourself – Stretchy Clothing Has You Covered

It’s that time of year again. With the onset of Halloween, the season of eating is upon us. Right up to the first of the year, the edible delights come in all shapes and forms, offering a full eight weeks of packing in the food and putting on the pounds. 

News articles abound on tips to survive the weight gain perils of holiday consumption. My strategy? Enjoy myself and opt for plastic pants! Every year, prior to Thanksgiving (which, in my family, has turned from a one day affair to a weekend extravaganza) I contemplate what exactly my holiday wardrobe will entail. You have to have clothes with room enough to accommodate every morsel of turkey, every scoop of mashed potatoes and every bite of pie, right?

The age old answer: stretch. Good ol’ spandex, elastic stretch. (“Spandex” is an anagram of the word “expands,” right?)  The ingenuity of polymer science helps you suck it all in and keep it in place. The same stuff also lets it all hang out, expanding  to provide ample room for all of you… plus an entire Christmas ham. Thanks to the wonders of plastic, our clothing can expand and contract like the best bull/bear market Wall Street has ever seen.

Our clothing is a blend of polymers, taking natural fabrics such as silk, cotton and wool, and adding the gift of “give” through synthetics.  My old friend, spandex, is joined by others such as acrylic, nylon, polyester  and rayon. All  provide various qualities to clothing.  Some fabrics are selected for their ability to drape well, wrinkle less or hold up better than their natural counterparts. There are even those that provide water resistance, wick away sweat  or maintain body heat (like much of our fitness clothing or outdoor garments). 

My interest is in maintaining my seasonal marathon eating while also holding on to some stylistic sense. If you look around at the holiday clothing choices, my guess is you will see lots of items containing Tencel and Viscose. These are silky, shiny and fashionable items that look about the size of a postage stamp before you slither into them, and could expand to cover the Hindenburg if need be.  Perfect for looking sporty or chic or festive at our holiday gatherings, and still allowing for binge eating at parties. Hors d’oeuvres, drinks, dinner, desserts?  No problem! Plastics have you covered.

So, get to eating! The stretch and give in your clothing will be there to see you through. My favorite giant tunic top and stretchy black pants will be there too — right up to the ten pound weight loss New Year’s resolution I will make January 1st.  Only then will it be back to fitness gear .

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