Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Life Without Plastic Packaging? You Must Be Joking!

Those opposed to plastics packaging pursue it as a serious business, usually as a black and white issue, no discussion needed. Faced with that sort of attack, many in the plastics packaging industry sometimes react just as rigidly, fighting fire with fire. Understandable as that is, the video above gives us all a chance to lighten up.

Titled “Packaging is not JUST about having too much! – Part 1,” the video shows a supermarket without the normal plastics packaging for food products, and does it with a smile. Credit goes to TheELIPSO, which is the French professional association of plastic packaging manufacturers. Le Chambre Syndicale des Emballages en Matière Plastique is the industry’s chief negotiator with public authorities, institutions, and companies.

It’s safe to assume that the association’s regular negotiations with French and European legislative bodies regarding environmental issues and packaging standardization is conducted with all due seriousness. Fortunately, as the video shows, it has not dampened the association’s sense of humor, and there are three other videos in the series should you need a few more laughs. Merci beaucoup, Elipso.

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