Friday, May 1st, 2009

Let Me Tell You Why I’ll be at NPE for Sure

In the Hopper Guest Blogger

By Steve Petrakis,  President, Frigel North America Inc.

Steve PetrakisI’ve heard quite a bit over the past few months about companies pulling out of NPE2009 and the reasons why they’ve chosen to do so. Times are hard — harder than at any other time most of us can remember. I can attest to that because I’ve been in this business for 33 years. So I respect the right of every company to do what they think may be best for them. But make no mistake: I will be at NPE for sure. Let me tell you why.

Just like everyone else, our company has had its share of pain over the past 12 months. We’ve done what we felt we had to do to continue to grow and survive during these tough times. We’ve taken responsibility for ourselves and have done everything we can to support this fine industry — instead of abandoning it. When times get tough, we need to get smart. We need to band together to strengthen the industry that has sustained us all these years. You can talk about government stimulus packages all you want; in the end, it’s up to us to make something happen.

What better way to do this than at a venue like NPE. People come to NPE from all around the world and, yes, from the U.S., as well. Go online and take a look at all the companies that are already registered to attend. If we all walk away, hunker down and put blinders on, the demise of the industry will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. On the other hand, if we all attend an event like NPE, strike alliances and share the latest technology, we’ll find that there is life out there. We’ll find new ways to make our companies more productive and profitable. 

My father supported his family in the plastics industry since 1952. I’ve supported mine in it since 1976. And now my daughter has been involved in this great industry since 2003. All three of us will be at NPE this June. We’ll continue to support this industry and do everything we can to make it better for everyone. I’ve always felt that the way you make things better is to do something positive, together and for a purpose. I support the plastics industry and NPE and look forward to seeing you there.

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