Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

NPE and Breaking the Paralysis of Analysis

The road to recovery begins at NPE2009. That’s the strong opinion of Jay Gardiner, president of Gardiner Plastics (Setauket, N.Y.) and president of the Plastics Academy. In a “Perspective” column in this week’s Plastics News, Gardiner lays out his argument against the paralysis of doing nothing and in favor of  investing in the visibility, marketing and opportunity offered by  NPE2009 – the world’s largest plastics conference, exposition and technology exchange.

Gardiner states that the current level of fear and loathing has caused a “hyper-recession”:

“…an economic state characterized by spending more time discussing the situation than actually dealing with it. Fear of further downturn clouds even the simplest cost-benefit analysis for a capital-expenditure decision.”

Because “isolation cannot produce sustainable growth,” Gardiner believes that NPE2009 offers a timely catalyst for companies to get back on a path that’s headed toward prosperity:  

“This year’s NPE offers a tremendous opportunity for everyone to launch forward-thinking strategies for success. I use the word “success” to challenge those who would prefer the word “survival.” The timing of this event could not be more propitious for our struggling markets. Those in attendance this year will most certainly have something to say in the near-term success strategies of our industry. They will realize that we all have a role in buying and selling products and services which will reinforce our positions in the U.S. and global economies. Those who choose to limit or eliminate participation are not remembering the basic lessons learned with regard to investments in sales and marketing during periods of economic slowdown. They will also, through attrition, be improving the sales efficiency of those competitors that attend or exhibit [at NPE2009].”

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  1. Barry–

    This is quite refreshing, after getting a nonstop barrage of doom and gloom. Gardiner is right when he says that “isolation cannot produce sustainable growth.”

    It’s time to grow a pair, and be pro-active. Lots better than waiting for Uncle Sugar to offer his “help.”

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