Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

NPE: Live on the Scene, it's Expo Gene!

Good morning:

Yesterday was a busy day of move-in at NPE 2009Trucks kept arriving. Banners and signs continued to go up in the lobbies, aisle signs were hung, there’s a plethora of flatbeds heading into South and North Halls of McCormick Place and some advance truss placement and electrical drops over in the West Hall. 

The registration area is being built, but what's most important on the punch list?  My office in McCormick Place, of course! It is now operational and I can send you this report from my computer.  I hope you have been following some of the set-up activities and goings on here on “In the Hopper. ”

Be on the lookout for my next installment. Reporting live from the scene, this is Expo Gene!


2 Responses to “NPE: Live on the Scene, it's Expo Gene!”

  1. Great job Gene. Very exciting. Can’t wait. See you in Chicago.

    Reedy International

  2. Way to go SPI team!! You are all making us very proud. The industry is alive and well and will be showing its true colors next week. Here’s to a successful show for all!!