Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

As Expected, Many Mighty Machines Roll into NPE2012

Husky H-MED injection molding machine entering NPE2012 show hall

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The theme of NPE2012, “The Return of the Machines,” today became three-dimensional reality. The freight doors of the sprawling Orange County Convention Center opened and plastics production machinery and equipment of all types began streaming in. It will all be on display when the show opens on April 2nd, following the Super Sunday events of April 1st, and much of it will be running

Most of us who will be at NPE2012 two weeks from now, exhibitors or attendees, will never see the load-in and setup that precedes a show this large. And that’s a shame folks, because it is truly amazing, bordering on the miraculous in fact, that so many machines get set up and go operational in a space of nine days. Anybody who has set up just one machine knows what a stunning achievement this is.

I am assuming you are coming to NPE2012, and that’s because I assume you are a plastics professional who intends to be part of the action as our dynamic industry moves forward. You know that whatever the future brings, plastics will be a leading player. Fortunately for you, the timing of NPE2012 could not be better. Though it is still unsteady, the economy gives cause for optimism, manufacturing is trending upward, and innovation, the catalyst of progress, is where plastics thrive.

NPE2012 is the best single resource you will find until, well, until NPE2015. The machines entering the halls today are the first of an armada made of the best in plastics production technology. The photos show injection molding technology, but by the time you read this thermoforming, extrusion, and blow molding machinery, and every type of auxiliary equipment, also have passed through the freight doors.

Like the plastics industry, NPE2012 is more than its hardware. Materials suppliers offer a strong presence at this show, and increasingly application-specific solutions. In all, over 1,900 exhibitors showing their wares are spread across nearly a million square feet of display space. When you include the areas for such seminars and presentations as the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) ANTEC 2012 Conference, SPI’s Business of Plastics Conference, and the Latin American Seminars in Spanish; the special technology and market pavilions; NPE2012 Technology Theater; the International Plastics Design Competition; five Plastics in Sports demo areas, and all the rest, close to two million square feet of opportunity awaits you.

If it’s in any way plastics-related, it’s at NPE2012, April 1st through April 5th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. Assuming that you are plastics-related, you’ll be there too.

Once off the flatbed trailer, the Husky H-MED AE (All Electric) shown below the headline will look like the one seen here, and be the heart of a technology-rich medical workcell running in Husky’s booth.

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