Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

At NPE2012 the South/North Hall Is Filling Fast

On Tuesday in Orlando, Florida, SPI’s Senior VP of Trade Shows Gene Sanders (ExpoGene) tells us of real progress in the setup at the North/South Hall of NPE2012, and offers a lesson on when to remove your sunglasses.

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We’ve been chatting a lot about the West Hall recently, so today I thought I’d fill you in on what’s happening over at the South/North Hall (no, the General Lee won’t be parked out front, sorry). Upon walking into the building today I couldn’t help but notice how dark it is. Then I noticed that I forgot to take off my sunglasses.

Once I removed my shades, I was shocked at the amount of branding and building that is going on. There must have been an army of people in the halls moving, raising, and installing all kinds of stuff. Registration was set up, signs were everywhere (think Times Square on New Year’s Eve), and the exhibits seem to have come out of nowhere! There are some beautiful displays that our resin folks are preparing and she’s shaping up like a real “Material Girl” (get it?).

The South/North (sounds like we are confused, but we’re not) building is also home to Technology Central, where you will find hundreds of educational sessions, the technology pavilions, many impressive resin displays, and still other technologies. It’s just a short walk

from the West Hall to the Peabody and Hilton Hotels. This is a great place to showcase what’s new in plastics technology.

During the walk between the North/South and the West Halls, you will notice the beautiful landscaping at the OCCC. Actually, there are no trees or plants. Visit Orlando kindly installed a complete Disney Animation set of plastic flowers, palm trees, and shrubs just for us. They too highlight a new industry segment to be showcased at NPE2015 – Plasticulture!  Or is it Floral Polymers? (so…will they use the resin flowers potted in the ground to make more resin? Now that’s sustainability!)

Everyone (but this one guy) seems really pleased with how smoothly everything is going. I’ve haven’t heard many negative comments about the job people here are doing (except of course for that one guy).

Tomorrow should be whacky Wednesday here at the OCCC, with more and more exhibitors showing up and the clock ticking closer to the opening hour, so my report should be even more interesting (thank goodness for that!).

Until then, I am Expogene “On the Scene!”

Images From the North/South Hall at NPE2012 — Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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