Friday, December 19th, 2008

NPE Menu to include Alphabet Soup…

And it sure tastes good!

The Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI), recently announced several alliances for its upcoming NPE 2009 Show in June 22-26, 2009 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Most of these alliances are in the form of Education Programs designed to enable NPE participants to get an intellectual edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Partnerships with other organizations and events are key ingredients that help SPI to cook-up the largest plastics conference, exposition and technology exchange at NPE 2009.

SPI is the first ingredient in what will be a very tasty meal for designers, processors, suppliers, and downstream partners of the plastics industry. Next, add a dash of SPE’s ANTEC program, where over 800 first time delivered technical papers will be presented. That goes well with just a touch of FSTC, the Federal Societies of Coating Technologies, for the Coatings Executive. For some extra flavor, we’ve just seasoned the conference with some PET+ for Plastics Packaging Strategies connoisseurs. Another zesty course is the IPDC or International Plastics Design Competition, brought to you by the APP (Alliance of Plastic Processors), featuring Globelspec, UL (Underwriters Laboratories), the IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America), PN (PlasticsNews), DesignNews, and will feature products and designs from transportation, packaging, medical supplies and products to those plastics innovations we use in our daily lives. Simmer all of the ingredients together in McCormick Place for five days, adding a little D.O.C./MEP.EXIM (Department of Commerce’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership and banking with assistance from the Export Import Office), DOA, EPA, DOE (the Department of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Energy in our Emerging Technology Pavilion) and you have one delicious conference!

For more information go to and we will see you NJIC! (Next June in Chicago)

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