Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Innovative PET Single-Serve Wine Goblet Is Classy, Practical

The Zipz single-serve PET plastic wine goblet, from left to right, pull the tab to unzip the Clear Wrap. remove the lid and snap it onto the bottom, remove the lift -n-peel seal, and take a sip.

onto the bottom, remove the lift -n-peel seal, take a sip. Ahhh.

Starting April 1st(no fooling), fans attending baseball games at seven ballparks across the United States will be able to choose wine instead of the more traditional beer, and it will arrive in a well-designed, single-serve, wine-goblet-shaped package made of food grade PET plastic.

Zipz is the brand of the wine, and of the innovative wine provider responsible for this major change in ballpark refreshment. Wine has been available in most ballparks for some time, but it had to be poured from a bottle or other container, usually into a short plastic glass. Now a wine drinker can drink from a clear PET goblet that’s shaped according to wine tradition — at the ballpark.

Even better, those wine drinkers can expect that the wine will be good, too. Zipz has partnered with the well-known winemaker Fetzer, based in California’s Mendocino County. Zipz has invested in a state of the art production line at Fetzer’s winery dedicated solely to wines in the Zipz goblet.

Zipz has also partnered with the other end of the chain, namely with Centerplate, said to be the largest provider of food and beverage services to North American sports and entertainment facilities, and Aramark, the next largest provider in that arena.

The first four Zipz wines (l to r): Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot.

The first four Zipz wines (l to r): Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot.

Centerplate’s Chief Design officer John Sergi said, “We believe that wine drinkers will appreciate a high quality wine in a convenient, well-designed single-serve glass at the park.” He is not talking only about the looks. he performance design of the Zipz goblet is innovative and secure, which is good for bustling ballparks. The wine is well sealed in, yet opening it is easy. First, pull the tab on the Zipz Clean Wrap to remove it. Then remove the lid and put it on the bottom of the goblet. Remove the lift-n-peel seal atop the goblet and you are ready to toast your team’s impending victory.

As opening day launches the new baseball season, Fetzer Vineyards will be launching two new wines, Crimson Red Blend and Quartz White Blend, both in the Zipz glass, exclusively at seven ballparks — AT&T Park (CA), Turner Field (GA), Citi Field (NY), Kauffman Stadium (MO), Safeco Field (WA) and Tropicana Field (FL).

Wait, that’s only six. Right, I forgot good old Coors Field in Denver, CO — where I live. Until now the only beverage I could drink there from a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) container was water. Water’s good, for sure, but it’s not good California wine. Batter up!

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