Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

A New Model for Grassroots Action

Here at SPI, grassroots mobilization efforts have always centered on member companies making connections with their elected officials. They still will, but there’s another dimension to this. Going forward, a more comprehensive SPI approach to grassroots advocacy will also underscore communication within the plastics industry value chain and with its all-important employees — two groups inextricably linked to our member companies’ future success.  

Writing in May, I highlighted BIPAC’s leading-edge research in employer/employee communication, and shared a few data points that underscore the mutual value realized when employers take the time to engage employees on policy issues — global, federal, state and local — that affect the company’s bottom line.

Value chain communication is equally important.  Engaging a supplier or customer on common issues helps amplify our industry’s voice — and multiplies our ability to affect legislative and regulatory outcomes for the better.  Need an example?  How about the cost of employer-provided health care that’s currently being debated in Washington?  SPI member companies continue to struggle against the burden of ever-escalating employee health care costs.  SPI must rally lawmakers to find solutions that increase competition in insurance markets, drive down health care costs, and rein in runaway litigation, not increase the tax burden on businesses providing employee health care.

In the coming weeks and months, SPI will be rolling out more and more materials to guide members through this important activity.  Much will be enabled through our website, so keep an eye out.


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