Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Busy 2009 Underway for SPI Bioplastics Council

Bioplastics Council2009 is an exciting time for the world of bioplastics. Although the bioplastics industry is still in its infancy, it is growing fast. New bioplastics technologies are being developed. New manufacturing facilities are being built. For example, SPI member companies Cereplast and Telles are building new production facilities in Indiana and Iowa respectively. In addition a new group – the SPI Bioplastics Council – has been launched to provide a forum for resin and additive suppliers, as well as processors and equipment suppliers, to advance the development of bioplastics.

In order to address this growing industry, the Bioplastics Council has begun to undertake an ambitious slate of activities in 2009. The Council is busy working on key initiatives including:

  • Publication of the first-ever Bioplastics Industry Overview Report.
  • Publication of a terminology guide to help clear up confusion over terms such as biobased and biodegradable.
  • Organizing, sponsoring and leading a “Business of Bioplastics” educational program on Tuesday, June 23 at NPE2009, at McCormick Place in Chicago.
  • Participation in the Emerging Technologies Pavilion at NPE2009.

In addition, last week the Bioplastics Council met with the U.S. Department of Agriculture  (USDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to discuss issues impacting the bioplastics industry. The meetings went extremely well and were a great opportunity to build relationships between leaders of the bioplastics industry and the government agencies working on bioplastics related issues. In fact, both USDA and FTC have agreed to participate at NPE2009. USDA’s Office of Technology Transfer has agreed to anchor the Emerging Technologies Pavilion’s bioplastics quadrant. In addition both the USDA and FTC will present at the “Business of Bioplastics” educational session.  

The Council has opened up its membership and is accepting new member applications. The Council realizes the importance of having a way for companies in the bioplastics industry to work together on common goals and issues.

Needless to say, the Council members are very excited about this upcoming year and so am I. This year will be an exhilarating year for the world of bioplastics.

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