Thursday, June 18th, 2009

"My Booth is a Palace" — Another NPE Report from Expo Gene!

Good morning once again from Chicago!

The move-in for NPE2009 has definitely reached a new level of momentum. In addition to the larger booths, Freeman (our fantastic general contractor for the show) was able to pepper the place with some 8’ drape and side-rail (yes, people still do use this stuff) for the inline booths. I must say it is a little unusual to see a dozen big rigs barreling towards a freestanding curtain! If I close my eyes, I can almost hear the spotters yelling “Olé!” as the trucks rush by.  All we need now is for a rigger to dive out from behind a 10 x 10 and stop a truck dead in its tracks with an oversized torque wrench!

The halls are really getting packed with exhibitors. I think I heard “Wow” in about six languages today! In addition to the equipment, there must be 6.26 million crates (probably more, but I lost count) surrounding the booths. They look like wooden soldiers guarding a castle. One exhibitor told me, “My booth is a palace, baby!” 

Outside of the halls, the NPE 2009 Bookstore, the SPI Pavilion and our other feature attractions are almost complete. Today I saw the Technology Theater, as well as the Emerging Technologies, Fluoropolymer, Thermoforming, Compressed Air, North American Moldmakers and TPE Elastomer Pavilions come to life in the West Hall.  

I’m wearing a pedometer (one has been given to every SPI staff member at NPE) and it indicates that I have logged more than 21 miles during my four days in Chicago. As I travel the halls, I am excited that so many exhibitors want me to capture photos of their booths and equipment and post them online here for the world to see. So I will continue to document this historic event, and update you all on my experiences. Please follow along!  

Reporting live from the scene, I’m Expo Gene!


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