Thursday, April 4th, 2013

SPI’s Business of Plastics Conference Adds Business Learning Opportunities to ANTEC’s Stellar Plastics Technology Programs

For the first time at an ANTEC, The Society of Plastics Engineers’ amazing annual gathering of the plastics technologies, there also will be an exceptional learning experience for those from the business side of plastics industry companies: SPI’s Business of Plastics Conference.

SPI's Business of Plastics Conference will be held during SPE's ANTEC 2012 in Cincinnati.

SPI’s Business of Plastics Conference will be held during SPE’s ANTEC 2013 in Cincinnati.

ANTEC 2013 takes place from April 22nd to April 24th at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, OH. SPI’s Business of Plastics Conference will happen on April 22nd and 23rd within the Convention Center.

The content of the Business Conference includes presentations on multiple vital issues facing the plastics value chain now, and more info is below. But first, people from the business side of plastics need to know that this conference is a not-to-be missed bargain. Register prior to April 12 and the cost is only $75. (I thought 75 bucks was a typo the first time I saw it.)

Second, that cost includes admission to all ANTEC open events, such as the four notable and knowledgeable keynote speakers. That’s not all: The admission also gives you full access to the exhibit floor and the 100 exhibitor displays.

The full SPI Business of Plastics Conference program is on the ANTEC website. It’s worth noting that the content is structured to inform plastics industry execs and professionals, as you would expect, but also to inform managers and specialists in companies that use plastics to add value to their brands.

Business of Plastics Conference topics include:

  • Analysis of plastics industry global/international issues,
  • Update on market sectors and issues, e.g. material costs, sustainability,
  • Recycling report on regulatory, environmental and social factors,
  • Identifying and hiring the talent for critical jobs,
  • How to create online connections with customers/prospects—social media,
  • Individual sessions on automotive innovations and packaging practices,

A lot of learning is packed into those two days, as well as time for networking. The second day ends early to let you explore the exhibits. All in all, it’s a very efficient use of time for professionals on the business side of a plastics company.

There is more info and easy registration for SPI’s Business of Plastics Conference at the ANTEC 2013 website. The Business of Plastics Conference is sponsored by Plastics Business magazine.

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