Friday, February 13th, 2009

NPE2009 Remains On Track for Exhibitors, Attendees

President's Post
by William Carteaux, SPI President & CEO

NPE2009While these are the worst economic conditions since long before SPI created our NPE trade show in 1946, it is important to point out that NPE2009 is on track to be a success, not just for SPI but for exhibitors and attendees. We have built an event that is broader in scope and richer in content than any previous NPE, one that will provide more value—I would say far more—for the attendee dollar than ever before. This will not be “your father’s NPE.”

The NPE trade show thus far has attracted more paid exhibitors than at the same time in the NPE 2006 cycle, including many large international firms like Sabic Innovative Plastics and Nypro. The amount of paid exhibit space is about the same, reflecting space cutbacks by some exhibitors. Various countries have signed on for 18 multi-exhibitor “country” pavilions, as against 14 in 2006. And companies like DuPont and Dow have agreed to be major underwriters of our innovative Emerging Technologies Pavilion.

To attract new types of attendees and give traditional ones even more reasons to participate, we have expanded the NPE event far beyond the original trade show core, making it the largest combination of expositions and conferences ever held in the plastics industry. Just look at the dimensions being added by SPI and our co-locating partners:

By the way, many of these added events will attract technical professionals, product designers, and academics who need to stay on top of the latest advances regardless of economic conditions.

These are very bad economic times, and processors, suppliers, toolmakers, designer, and OEMs are all looking for ways to cut costs, become more competitive, and grow their businesses. What better place to do this than NPE2009, where they’ll find the entire industry in one place? It is precisely now that our industry most needs to come together at a milestone event to address the problems at hand and find a way forward.

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