Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Day Two at NPE2012 Filled with Visitors, and the Circus Was in Town

The bustling second day of the NPE2012 expo in Orlando, Florida, took SPI’s Senior VP of Trade Shows Gene Sanders (ExpoGene) from the circus (really) to a restaurant that could not feed him, both of which made him happy (really).

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The second day of the NPE2012 Exposition was even better than the first! Monday’s performance was certainly hard to top, but lo and behold, Tuesday was better (and it isn’t just because we are closer to the end!). Like most days, the crowds arrive not in mass, but more like a pending tsunami. By 10am the halls were full, the exhibitors were conducting business, and all was right with the plastics world (and God Bless Tiny Tim).

At noon, SPI President Bill Carteaux’s luncheon and announcements became one of the highlights of the show. Bill, a stage, and a microphone is always a lethal combination (it’s like tossing a grenade of knowledge and information on the unknowing.)

The day itself was terrific, but what was truly unique about Tuesday was what happened after the show closed. It started with a wonderful proclamation at the K Show reception regarding our show, and the relationship our organizations have with one another.

On the way over to this event, I noticed a bunch of artistically dressed people twisted up like pretzels. At first I thought maybe it was an affliction suffered by an attendee due to too much walking. But lo and behold, it was an exhibitor (Sabic) reception which featured Cirque du Soleil performers. Man, what a sight! Between Sabic, Dow’s spectacular customer center, and many of the other displays (like the Plastics News booth), I feel as if I dropped down the rabbit hole and landed in Poly-Alice’s Wonderland!

The evening was topped off with a proud revelation. We went to a restaurant that I was assured would be apart from the hustle and bustle. After waiting for an hour to be served (that’s what I needed after a 14-hour day) I asked what the hold-up was, whereupon I was informed that “some plastics company” rented out half the place, and with the other plastics people at the restaurant they just weren’t prepared for the load (I was still hungry at this point). Even after waiting two hours to be served our entrees, I wasn’t angry, but oddly proud that we were responsible for the onslaught of business into this nice community. GO NPE!

Wednesday’s another day, so until later, I am Expogene, “On The Scene”!

Images from Day Two at NPE2012, including the circus—April 3, 2012

IMages from NPE2012--April 3, 2012


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