Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Expo Gene on the Scene: NPE2012 Move-In Rumbles into OCCC

NPE2012 is moving, shaking rattling and rolling!

I am here in Orlando, and I am extremely excited to report that we are finally moving in to the Orange County Covention Center (OCCC) for NPE2012.  We are just starting day three of move-in and it is already apparent to everyone here in Orlando that NPE is something that they’ve never seen here at the building. To paraphrase a couple of employees I’ve spoken to — “Wow, finally, a real show!” or “Now this is a trade show!” and “OMG, I hope the building doesn’t crumble!”

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Even though there are only a couple of dozen companies moving in now, it is obvious that iron will be abundant!  To see 20 trucks lined up just to unload the Krauss Maffei booth, for example, was quite exciting, and the folks at the OCCC are freaking out a little to see the machines being “picked and placed.”  I commented to one of the supervisors yesterday, as we watched a crane  lowering an upper deck structure on to its lower deck mate, that the person guiding the insertion of the plates should probably move his fingers.

So, perhaps you are wondering what appears so different down here?  It’s the wildlife (and no I don’t mean the partying!).  Everywhere you look outside, there are lizards crawling here and there, scurrying about doing what they do.  I feel like I need to call GEICO and save 15%!

Usually at tradeshows I run into a lot of snakes (humanoid variety), but never lizards, and never so many.  Maybe they are attracted to  NPE’s robot M.A.T.T. (Machines And Tomorrow’s Technology)!  Maybe they filmed Jurassic Park at Universal Orlando, and these are just out of work cast members looking for something to do!

Check out  the shots I’ve taken

of the scene below.  And stayed tuned for tonight’s recap of events.

Untill then, this is Expogene – On the Scene!

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