Monday, August 9th, 2010

A Gathering of the Tribes: SPI’s First Plastics Processors Conference

What is a “processor” in the plastics industry?  According to the eligibility criteria for the Plastics News Processor of the Year Award, which SPI will be co-sponsoring this year, “a processor is a manufacturer that forms finished plastic parts, like a detergent bottle or car bumper fascia.” One European economic development firm describes a plastics processor as a company that “transforms plastic material to obtain a wide range of objects such as toys, bottles, packaging, floor coverings or car parts.” Some of the many processes that plastics processors use in the plastics industry include injection molding, blow molding, extrusion and thermoforming.

SPI’s first-ever Plastics Processors Conference will be held in Irving, Texas, November 16-18, 2010. Now, SPI has hosted conferences for individual types of processors before — such as those that make film and bags, for example, or food, drug and cosmetic packaging, or those that are thermoformers. But this November’s First Annual Plastics Processors Conference in Texas will be a gathering of the tribes of sorts — the first time SPI will bring all processors together to network, share strategies and soak up a groundbreaking program presented by leading plastics experts.

Featuring both business and technical sessions — as well as committee meetings for SPI Processors Council groups —  the conference is open to SPI members and nonmembers and will cover topics such as mergers and acquisitions in the processing industry, resin trends and forecasting, navigating multi-generational workplaces, regulatory compliance and customer assurance, FDA 101, the global future trends of bioplastics and nanotechnology and more.

Keynote speaker Peter Leyden, a future trends expert, will explain how to best utilize emerging technologies to enhance manufacturing productivity and strengthen corporate communications in an age of global transformation.

While plastics processors differ in the vast array of products they manufacture and end-markets they serve, they also share a lot in common — from quality control, environmental performance and regulatory compliance to financial performance, worker training, customer relations and keeping up with technological innovations. Processors have a lot on their plate and need to continually keep up with the latest information and best practices. No doubt, representatives of  these companies will want to find their way to Irving, Texas in November for SPI’s first-ever Processors Conference.

Online conference registration is now open! Both SPI members and nonmembers are encouraged to attend.

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