Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Moldmaker Trade Fair Speeds by 20-Year Mark — Supporting the Future of the Industry Along the Way

Twenty years ago, I doubt that anyone at the first SPI Western Region Moldmaker Trade Fair had any idea that the event would still be alive and well in 2010.  Now called the Mike Koebel Western Moldmaker Trade Fair (named in memory of the industry leader who founded Prestige Mold, Inc. with his wife, Donna), the size of the event has ebbed and flowed over the years to reflect the challenges  that have impacted the moldmaking industry.  Through it all, the event has even managed to raise funds  for schools and universities with moldmaking and plastics programs. 

 Tuesday, October 26 is the date for this year’s 20thAnnual Mike Koebel Moldmaker Trade Fair, which attracts attendees from the moldmaking and molding communities throughout the West and beyond.  It continues to be an outstanding networking event and an economical way for exhibitors to showcase their wares to eager attendees and potential customers. 

 For the second year, the Trade Fair will be at the National Hot Rod Association Motorsports Museum in Pomona, California.  So in addition to visiting the various exhibitors, attendees can feast their eyes on a spectacular array of vintage and historical racing vehicles and memorabilia.    

The success of this program helps the SPI Western Moldmakers Committee continue their goal of giving back to the moldmaking community.  Over the last 13 years, they have donated nearly $80,000 to Western-based schools and universities with moldmaking and plastics programs. 

 Trade Fair registration is open now.  Attend and help us celebrate 20 years of moldmaking in the West!

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