Friday, June 19th, 2009

Machines Are Now Popping Out Product on the NPE Show Floor!

Hello again from the show floor of McCormick Place! 

What was different about yesterday? The sound of the plastics machinery firing up and popping out product at an amazing rate! I don’t think Lucy and Ethel would fare to well against all this stuff.  I enjoyed seeing some of the machines in action, being tested for next week’s festivities. Bottle caps, bottles, film, golf tees and more – all being made at NPE 2009!

I also saw exhibitors still getting their equipment into place, trucks still making deliveries and, of course, hundreds of forklifts still flying around the buildings at “top speed.” (How fast can you really go when you are hauling 50,000 lbs?). 

There's still more to do on the management side, but as you can see from the photos, things are rapidly getting to where they need to be. Once Director of Trade Show Operations AJ Janosko orders an additional 723 signs, we will have it covered.  I tell ya, the graphics really pop! 

If you are in the plastics industry, and you are not coming to the show, please have someone drive you to a doctor to get your head checked. It is a “must-see” and “must-experience” event. 

I hope my reports haver been able to allow you to experience this past week of move-in  and set-up vicariously. Reporting live from Chicago, I am Expo Gene on the scene!


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