Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

SPI, ACC and CPIA Announce Enhanced Collaboration

President's Post
When I became president of SPI nearly six years ago, I immediately began speaking about the importance of our diverse industry coming together, leveraging the sum of our many parts, and truly speaking with one voice and acting according to one vision. Individual parts – yes — but working together in unison.

I am delighted to announce an initiative that will not only bring us even closer to “one voice, one vision,” but also provide greater value to your business. The three major plastics trade associations in the U.S. and Canada — SPI, the American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division and the Canadian Plastics Industry Association – publicly announced today our plans to formalize our long-standing alliance for the benefit of the North American plastics industry. We will continue our work together on key industry priorities through a virtual structure called the North American Plastics Alliance (NAPA).

The plastics industry has common opportunities and challenges throughout the value chain and across borders. By formalizing our collaboration with ACC and CPIA on select programs, we will be able to provide greater value and eliminate redundancy. Together, we will have an increased ability to demonstrate the collective value of the North American plastics industry and boost the power and reach of our communications and advocacy.

NAPA’s Initial Priorities for Enhanced Collaboration

While in the past we have enjoyed success working informally with ACC and CPIA, formalizing our agreement and establishing a NAPA Steering Team of staff and members represents a new level of commitment to cooperation. In addition to me, SPI’s representative on the Steering Team will be Jay Cude, President and CEO, Coeur Inc., and Vice Chair of the SPI Board of Directors. Having a Steering Team will help the new Alliance focus efforts on the most important, highest ROI areas for the industry. The initial priorities for enhanced collaboration will be:

• Pellet Containment: Extension of Operation Clean Sweep® to broaden pellet containment efforts in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere
• Energy Recovery: Promotion and facilitation of energy recovery and conversion of used plastics to complement recycling
• Plastics Favorability: Increasing the favorability of plastics with key stakeholders
• Advocacy: Targeted advocacy with policy makers to support the growth of the plastics industry

United to Maximize Effectiveness

I want to particularly emphasize to you that the creation of NAPA is not a cost-cutting exercise. While we may enjoy efficiencies along the way, the focus is on effectiveness. United under a formal structure, SPI, ACC and CPIA can maximize our power to successfully serve North American plastics manufacturers and ensure that our industry moves forward with one voice and one vision.

United, the future of the plastics industry is bright.

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