Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

NPE2012 Design Competition Entry Extended to February 29th

The organizers of NPE2012 (Orlando, FL; April 1-5, 2012) have moved the deadline for entries in the International Plastics Design Competition back a full month to February 29th. So come on you designers, material suppliers, mold & die makers, extruders, thermoformers, molders, machinery makers, auxiliaries suppliers, and everyone in the supply chain. Bring out your best. It’s show time!

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Rest assured that the organizers of NPE2012 are sympathetic to anyone scrambling to meet a deadline. They are up against many of them right now. In the case of the Design Competition, NPE organizers also keenly remember the display area for competition entries at NPE2009, an area that was buzzing with traffic all day during every day of the entire show. They want it to be that way again in Orlando.

For anyone entering the Competition, it is an unsurpassed opportunity to gain recognition for your company, and to meet new contacts and potential clients. I stopped at the display area as often as I could, first to vote for the People’s Choice Award, and later to get a closer look at an entry. I always had plenty of company and people were talking about what they were seeing.

I think that at least part of what’s behind the Competition’s popularity is that we in plastics work on one or a few links of the concept-to-finished product chain. We may not even know the other players in what is virtually always a team effort, and we may not ever see the finished product.

During the International Plastics Design Competition, not only do we see the finished end-products, including our own, but they are under spotlights for everyone to see and admire. Modesty is fine, but it’s pretty cool to see your work on a pedestal, and winning an award is not bad either.

Award winners at the NPE2009 Design Competition were a widely varied lot, but all of them exemplified in one way or another the amazing, almost unbelievable things that the plastics industry creates every day. Your work deserves to be on display during NPE2012 in Orlando, and you have an extra month to get your entry together.

You will find entry information right here, or here, and also here. Students can enter, too. Click in and do yourself proud. Here are a few winners in the NPE2009 International Plastics Design Competition to inspire you. See you in Orlando.

The molder, Steinwall Inc., mold maker Contour Mold, and the designer/OEM John Deere took the Lawn & Garden/Agriculture Award for this seed-dispensing tube.













The Embody Chair took home the Furniture Award for its OEM, Herman Miller Inc.; molder Cascade Engineering & ITW Dahti; and designers Jeff Weber & Bill Stumpf.














The iSecure Syringe took both the IDSA/Plastics News Design Award and the Medical Award for OEM Hospira Inc.; designers John Domkowski & Robert Oshgan; mold maker KTW Group; and molder All West Plastics Inc.













The popular vote awarded the IPCD People’s Choice Award for the Prepaid Energy Meter to OEM Excelec &

CIA; designer ICIPC of EAFT University; material supplier Wnka De Colombia; mold maker Weimo Inernational Co.; and molder Industrias Estra S.A.








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