Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

NPE2012 Makes Headlines in Florida: Biggest Show to Ever Hit Orlando

Earlier today, SPI’s Senior VP of Trade Shows Gene Sanders (AKA Expogene) was interviewed by television station WFTV, the local ABC affiliate station, and it’s all about the scope, make that the magnitude, of SPI’s NPE2012 show. And the show isn’t even open; that comes Sunday.

A day earlier the Orlando Sentinel newspaper published a long article, much of it based on an interview with ExpoGene Sanders, describing the economic impact on the Orange County area, and in particular on the Orange County Convention Center.

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To sum it up, NPE2012 is the biggest show to ever open at the OCCC, and it’s big in many ways. It is occupying virtually all the halls, nearly two million square feet between the exhibits and the educational venues. But the greatest wow factor is the machinery, and that there will be about 20 million pounds of it on the floor, much of it operating.

The OCCC has not seen a show like this, and it is obvious that they are excited about it. They knew it was coming, though. For example they spent millions upgrading the electrical capacity of the OCCC to handle the plastics

processing machinery.

Gene Sanders, SPI Vice President of Trade Shows, at NPE2012 in Orlando, FL

Gene Sanders is shown being interviewed by the Florida ABC TV affiliate station about the great local impact of NPE2012.

We will provide a link to the video piece as soon as the station posts it, and we’re posting an image from it to the right. That is Gene Sanders you see on screen, explaining the scope of the show to an interviewer while looking sharp in the official show shirt. You should expect to see a lot of the color orange around the OCCC halls next week. Well, it’s Florida, isn’t it?. And it’s a big, dynamic NPE2012. Know what? It’s going to wow you too.




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  1. Can you send me a link to the ABC channel 13 broadcast when it become available, thanks.

  2. Hello Steve, and my apologies for not seeing your request. We were unable to obtain a link to the video posted on Channel 13. We were told that it was only up and live on the website for a few hours before it was taken down to be replaced by breaking news.
    I will try again to find it and if I succeed I will send the link to you.
    Rob Neilley

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