Friday, March 30th, 2012

NPE2012 Move-In and Setup Proceed as Orlando Turns Orange

Friday evening and the end of another day setting up NPE2012 in Orlando, Florida finds SPI’s Senior VP of Trade Shows Gene Sanders (ExpoGene) still on his (hurting) feet and talking to pictures on the wall. Things are quite normal.

Today … my feet officially hurt! My pedometer shows 59.5 miles since I’ve arrived in Orlando (just walking around taking pictures for y’all), which is a lot of walking. Friday was a fairly seamless day of NPE2012 setup. The halls are looking good, the lobbies are sparkling, and the rest of our staff has crashed onto the shores of the OCCC. Many of our committee members have arrived as well. It’s good to see so many familiar friendly faces.

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Upon entering the city of Orlando, on billboards, along your drive in and all around and inside the OCCC, on t-shirts and cell phone covers, and even on the toilet paper, what you see everywhere is M.A.T.T., the NPE2012 symbol for show’s Return of the Machines theme. OK, I was kidding about the toilet paper. There is no paper in the restrooms. Seriously, the city is one big “Welcome M.A.T.T.” The big fella is everywhere.

Speaking of the big fella being everywhere, SPI’s President and CEO Bill Carteaux got his Segway driver’s license today, so watch out. I saw him taking the test and it reminded me of when Jim Ignatowski from Taxi was renewing his license (whaaaat doooes thhhe yellowww

lliigghht mmeeann!). All kidding aside (yeah right), I am sure Bill will be a very conscientious Segway driver, and will certainly say he’s sorry to those he mows down. (Bill, why is there a cattle catcher on your Segway?)

I went over to the West Hall C lobby today, thinking I’d talk to Gunther Hoyt and some of the other Hall of Fame inductees for a while. It was 10 minutes or so before I realized what I was seeing was just a display honoring this year’s distinguished Hall of Fame inductees. (I was wondering why Gunther was speechless for once).

So, just another day of move-in at NPE2012, and tomorrow I will still be Expogene “On the Scene”!

Images of the NPE2012 Move-In Taking Place in Orlando, Florida—March 30, 2012

Images from NPE2012 move-in on March 30, 2012

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