Saturday, March 31st, 2012

NPE2012 Setup Is Almost Done, and the Big Show Is About to Start

Saturday evening, following the last full setup day at NPE2012 in Orlando, Florida, and SPI’s Senior VP of Trade Shows Gene Sanders (ExpoGene) is still weathering all storms, including a thriller from Mother Nature.

On the eve of the NPE2012 Super Sunday opening events and activities, I can’t believe it is finally here! We are writing presentations, cleaning up the lobbies, scrubbing the floors, filling the literature bins, getting out the directories, and preparing for tomorrow’s Super Sunday.

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Is this the calm before the storm? No

way, we had one of those too. After 12 straight days of perfect weather, the clouds showed up (no not the new servers used to capture data), and they brought their friends wind, rain, thunder and lightning.

Even with 14 freight doors designed specifically to serve as wind tunnels, signs still were swaying, and rain was flowing. It rains sideways in Florida.) Some, chaos ensued. But as usual, our team stepped up and defused the situation.

And speaking of the team, today started with a tour of the show floor for the SPI staffers who recently arrived in Orlando. That was a lot of fun. It was great to point out all of the areas and attractions we’ve been working on so hard for years. Highlights of the tour included team pictures, including one in front of the Brown Machine booth, whose equipment was used as the torso for M.A.T.T., the show symbol. In addition, we watched a basketball game, and a couple of staffers tried their hand at a virtual game of grab the ball and put it in the basket!

Tonight we are going to an ultra-secret location for our NPE2012 Committee Dinner. Ok, I will tell you where it is. We are going to cook some burgers and dogs over at the Wal-Mart parking lot. What’s the entertainment? The Wal-Mart parking lot! I sure hope everyone appreciates the time and effort that went into selecting this location.

Tomorrow, we kick off Super Sunday at 6:00 a.m. when the team heads to the Grand Cypress Course for the SPI 75th Anniversary Charity Golf Tournament. The tournament will be a blast for those lucky enough to play. In addition to slicing up the course in the morning, in the afternoon NPE visitors will be treated to special presentations from Nike, Becton Dickinson and Kraft Foods on what brand owners see coming for plastics.

And speaking of food, everyone will enjoy the first Triennial NPE BBQ in the late afternoon, where they can meet their colleagues and industry friends for a little relaxation. We won’t worry about running out of food because we can reheat tonight’s burgers and dogs (no, not woof, woof).

Tomorrow culminates at the Opening Gala, featuring the Hall of Fame dinner and induction ceremony. (Can someone kick me when it’s time to call it a day?) And so, until tomorrow, I am Expogene “On the Scene”!

Images from the continuing move-in process at NPE2012—March 31, 2012

Images from NPE2012 setup, March 31, 2012

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