Thursday, January 13th, 2011

NPE2012 Show Floor Takes Shape as Space Draw Enters Second Day

L to r: NPE2012 Committee Chair John Effmann, SPI President Bill Carteaux and Senior Vice President for Trade Shows Gene Sanders.

The first day of the NPE2012 Space Draw, taking place today and concluding tomorrow in Orlando, Florida, added 311 more pieces to the dynamic puzzle that will become the NPE2012 show floor. There were even some plastics industry representatives watching the proceedings online who were moved to send in a space application. (Better late than never!)  NPE2012, the international plastics showcase produced by SPI, will be held April 1-5, 2012 at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC).

As 311 companies selected their booth location and began purchasing a full menu of marketing and promotional opportunites (from lanyards and banners to column wraps, escalator stickers, event sponsorships and much more ), 343 more plotted their strategy for when their turn will take place tomorrow.  While they wait or after their selcetion,  there is plenty to keep them busy here at  the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel & Conference Center.  The Space Draw is also an event where  the city of Orlando, OCCC, SPI and our NPE service providers show off all they have to offer to ensure that each exhibitor has a successful show in 2012.  Because this is the first time that an NPE has been held in Orlando, the Space Draw provides exhibitors with a  firsthand look at why the SPI Board and NPE Committees selected Orlando and the  OCCC as the venue for NPE2012!

In opening remarks prior to the start of the Space Draw, NPE2012 Committee Chair John Effmann, SPI President Bill Carteaux and Senior Vice President for Trade Shows Gene Sanders welcomed the exhibitors, presented some excellent economic statistics that portend great success for the show,  and explained the basic process of how the space draw selection process would work. You may view and download these presentations here.

Many  attendees took tours of the OCCC  in preparation for their space selection. They could see facility in action as the National Association of Home Builders Show was open for viewing during the tours. A “Cuisines of Orlando” night featured the food of 15 local restaurants during a reception where exhibitors could begin to make plans for potential client dinners or special events at NPE2012. Attendees also discovered tools available to them from SPI and other NPE service providers as they begin to plan how they will  promote their NPE2012 participation .
The Space Draw has represented the initial assignment of NPE exhibit space since 1946 and the order of selection is a lottery conducted by SPI based on a company’s past participation at NPE.  A company receives one show history for each NPE in which they exhibit and is placed in a category with companies holding the same show history.  SPI members draw prior to non-members descending from members with the highest show history to the lowest followed by non-members with the highest show history to the lowest.  For the first time ever, a special “Pre-Drawing” was held this past summer for approximately 65 SPI members that have exhibited in at least 15 of the previous 26 NPEs.

Aline Alroy of High Technology Corp. selects her company’s NPE2012 exhibit space.

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