Thursday, March 29th, 2012

NPE2012: Whacky Orange Wednesday Doesn’t Faze Show Setup

“Whacky Orange Wednesday” has moved to Central Florida. Lots going on, but our move-in continues to progress swiftly and steadily. The weight is still up. No not me. Despite all the “healthy” brownies, cookies and other goodies delivered to our show office, I’ve been pretty good. I’m talking about the latest crates and machines … they just keep coming in.

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In keeping with the show’s Plastics in Sports theme, I watched a local television crew film Preusse’s (Wittmann US President David Preusse) “Fab Five” robotic hoops display yesterday, culminating with a game winning free throw. (I think the NBA should use some of these machines. They’d sure be cheaper than their current players!)

NPE2012 made the local news yesterday here in Orlando, and there will be even more coverage over the next week and a half. One of their questions was, “The tax payers in the area paid for a 4 million dollar upgrade to the utility system at the OCCC, so why is that important, and what can you tell them that would make them feel good about this cost?”

My answer is that, in order to service NPE, and possibly induce other industrial-type shows to consider Orlando, you have

to have the utility infrastructure necessary to power the equipment they come to see.

And it’s not just the $150 million infusion into the local economy the actual show brings that’s important. It’s also the types of companies that are visitors to the show. NPE2012 has THE top brand names in the world visiting Orlando next week, and if they have a good experience they will come back, personally, and potentially with their companies’ events. Therefore, it isn’t a cost to the taxpayers, but rather an investment!

Sorry for being tardy with my update, but today’s another day, so be on the lookout for more from action central in Orlando, Florida. For earlier posts, just scroll down. Signing off, it’s Expogene “On the Scene” at NPE2012!

Images from NPE2012 during show setup on March 28, 2012

Images from NPE2012 setup on March 28, 2012

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