Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

SPI Members: Thanks to You, It Works

I saw a sign at the car wash the other day that pretty well summed up what a lot of us at SPI feel:

“In our haste to provide you with exceptional value and service we may sometimes forget to say THANK-YOU. Please know that we never take your loyalty and support for granted.”

To some it might sound corny, but I found it to be a very effective sign. (Certainly more effective than this one.)

In these times, nothing rings more true than sincere expressions of appreciation. The contributions that our member companies make go far beyond the income they provide through dues. The value of their time and dedication to our industry projects and programs is invaluable and something that all of us consider immeasurably important.

Speaking for the Machinery and Moldmakers Divisions, I know firsthand that safety standards could not be written, industry statistics could not be collected, and other projects vital to the industry never started without the volunteers who serve on the committees who drive them. Having spent more than 24 years with the SPI, I know that NPE, our Industry Group conferences and other events would not be run so smoothly and successfully without volunteers on committees. Likewise, our public policy advocacy effort would not be as fine-tuned or infused with a grassroots voice if not for our committee volunteers and other active individuals. Even our communications and marketing would struggle for a message without member input via committee.

In short, everything we do, everything we are is because of the members who volunteer to serve on our committees. In our haste to provide members with exceptional value and service, we may occasionally forget to say “thank you,” but we never take them for granted.

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