Friday, January 16th, 2009

Chicago Tribune Publishes SPI’s Response to “Life Without Plastics”

tribuneOn December 30th, we posted here about the Chicago Tribune article called “a life without plastics,” which chronicles a reporter and her family as they attempt to live one week without plastic. As we stated before, the article is misinformed and disregards the fact that the benefits of plastics go beyond packaging to impact every aspect of modern life. The online version of the article did yield a healthy exchange of ideas — many with excellent points about all that plastics contribute to modern society — in the section of readers’ online comments.

We want to add a follow-up: SPI President Bill Carteaux’s official letter to the editor was published by the Tribune on January 14. “There are good and practical reasons why plastic is so prevalent as the material of choice — benefits that are not always readily apparent,” reads one section of the letter. “Our member companies continue to work within the existing regulatory architecture to insure that products made from plastics are safe. Additionally, our industry has a keen interest, and is already highly involved, in becoming more sustainable and we are eager to engage with consumers and talk openly with them about our products.”

To the left you can see the letter as it appeared in the print edition of the newspaper. To read the complete letter more easily, click here and then scroll down.

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