Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Summer Vacation: Good Clean (Up) Fun

With the winter finally behind us, and the spring season underway, some of you may may be thinking ahead  to when the kids are out of school and realize that it's time for planning  a  family vacation.

Unlike the Griswold family (who headed to the “Walley World” theme park in National Lampoon's Vacation), many people will head for the water – ocean, lakes, rivers, streams.  For some reason, the thought of cool water and warm summer days seems to be the perfect fit.

Should your plans find you heading to the water this summer, be sure and take along a plastic bag or two  to use for your throw-aways.   Not only will you help keep our beaches and water clean, you will also be re-using a bag.  Have a separate bag or container for your recyclables.

After you and your family have enjoyed the beauty of the beach, lake or river consider giving back a couple hours of your time by participating in a beach clean up day.  It’s a great way to get a little exercise and meet some new folks while supporting a common goal. Many states such as Texas, New Jersey, Florida and others sponsor “Adopt-A-Beach” programs.

Or, volunteer for a local clean-up event.  In fact, every year Keep American Beautiful sponsors the “Great American Cleanup.”  Or, just do it yourself!  Take a garbage bag and pick up litter you find in your neighborhood or along  your street.

Business plays a role as well.  Many of our SPI members have committed to Operation Clean Sweep®, an SPI initiative to ensure that resin pellets do not make their way into local waters.  The program’s goal is to help every plastic resin handling operation implement best management practices to contain pellet loss.

It's up to all of us to conserve and protect our finite resources.  Every living thing needs water – don’t waste it.


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