Monday, November 24th, 2008

Newsplastic? Plastic Logic Reader Set to Make Headlines in 2009

“Did you see the paper today?”

Despite the fact that more and more folks are getting their news online these days, the sentence above has long been a traditional conversation starter people use to discuss a big story or juicy tidbit found in their daily newspaper. But how about “newsplastic” instead of newspaper? Can you imagine starting up a conversation with a colleague at work or at Starbucks with, “Did you see the plastic today?”

Plastic Logic, a technology firm headquartered in Mountain View, California, is hoping that we will all love reading digital content, like newspapers, on its plastic electronic devices. Here’s how they describe their first product, a digital content reader, set to enter the market in 2009:

Differentiated by a stunning form factor (the size of 8.5 x 11-inch paper), the Plastic Logic reader features a big readable display. Yet it’s thinner than a pad of paper, lighter than many business periodicals, and offers a high-quality reading experience – better than alternatives of paper or other electronic readers on the market today. The Plastic Logic reader supports a full range of business document formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and Adobe PDFs, as well as newspapers, periodicals and books.

The key to the product is its display, based on the company’s plastic electronics technology that uses high-resolution transistor arrays on flexible plastic substrates, manufactured at a low temperature. You may get an even clearer idea of what the product is all about by viewing this video. The flexibility of the thin plastic display is very cool!

This is yet another product where plastic is the material of choice for sustainability reasons. Check out this video report from CNN about the Plastic Logic product — it takes the plastic vs. paper debate to a whole new level in terms of the trees used in the making of newspaper.

On October 29th, Plastic Logic was recognized by the Plastic Electronics Foundation with one of its first Awards for Innovation. Plastic Logic received the award for ‘Best Technology Developer 2008’ for the most innovative development in organic electronics – the development of Plastic Logic’s innovative new electronic reading device. The award was presented at the 4th Global Plastic Electronics Conference and Showcase held in Berlin.

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