Friday, July 17th, 2009

Plastic is Comfy and Cool! Is that a Croc?

crocs If there’s anything that I’ve learned from watching Project Runway, it’s that good fashion has to be wearable, comfortable, flattering and have a unique style. Who would have expected that a shoe made from plastic could accomplish these critical fashion requirements?

One of the biggest fads of the decade, Crocs shoes burst onto the fashion scene in 2002 with their plastics clog. In 2004, after the purchase of Foam Creations, Crocs were manufactured using “croslite” – another type of copolymer using ethylene vinyl acetate.

The entire line of Crocs shoes is a testimony to the durability, versatility, and flexibility of plastics. Many Crocs are molded into a single piece of material – without any seams or joints that could weaken over time. The wide array of colors could only be achieved using plastics (unless you started making shoes out of paper). Their patented plastic foam material molds itself to a wearer’s foot and has antibacterial, anti-fungal and odor resistant properties, which combine to make a shoe that was given the American Podiatric Medical Association’s “APMA Seal of Acceptance” in footwear.

Another thing that makes these shoes unique is that – since the are made of plastics – they can be recycled. Unfortunately, a recent call to Crocs informed me that their Crocs recycling program, SolesUnited, has been suspended. The program would take your returned Crocs, grind them up, and turn them into new Crocs that contained 20% recycled material and were donated to people in need around the world. Here’s hoping that the program, or something similar, starts up again in the future!

Currently, there are plastic suits, t-shirts and shoes on the market – I can’t wait to see what new apparel made from plastic is next!


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