Friday, July 20th, 2012

100% Recycled Bamboo/Polyethylene Decking Is Top Performer

Wood-plastic composite (WPC) materials have been growing their share of the outdoor decking market for years, pretty much in parallel with how bamboo flooring has been increasing its share of the indoor hard flooring business.

Combining those trends, the bamboo flooring and fencing supplier Cali Bamboo LLC (San Diego, CA) now is offering bamboo composite decking, with the added ‘green’ benefit that it’s 100% recycled.

100% recycled Bamboo/HDPE composite decking from Cali Bamboo

BamDeck composite bamboo decking is 60% recycled bamboo fibers and 40% recycled HDPE plastic.

Cali Bamboo’s BamDeck composite bamboo decking is made of 60% recycled bamboo fiber and 40% recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE). The recycled bamboo fiber comes from the processing of Cali Bamboo’s extensive line of other bamboo flooring, fencing, poles, and more. The HDPE comes via recycled milk bottles, detergent containers, pipes, and the many other products made with this material.

Available in four colors with either a smooth or ridged surface, BamDeck not only looks good, but also packs a handful of other advantages. Bamboo, which is a grass, not a tree, is denser than wood, has inherent resistance to termites, and restores itself in about five years after harvesting, making it highly sustainable.

Cali Bamboo has had BamDeck independently tested

according to the ASTM D 143 standard, which found it about twice as hard and strong as other composite decking. The company also says it is low maintenance, needing no sealing, painting, or refinishing — ever.

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