Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Artistic Lamps Are Made of Reclaimed Plastic Bags

Ideas for how to reuse everyday plastic objects, especially packaging, just keep on coming, but this one from Argentina is a standout.

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Nube lights made from reclaimed plastic bags

Nube lamps transform reclaimed plastic bags into practical art.

The Nube lamps made by the company Chorch appear to be attractive modern art, while also being a source of soft, relaxing light. But you could call them practical art, too, since each lamp is made from 10 to 100 reclaimed plastic bags, depending on the size of the lamp.

The Chorch website notes that the concepts of recycle, reuse, green technology, and sustainability have become part of our everyday life. Accordingly, the Nube lights, part of Chorch’s Transforma Series, take reclaimed materials without aesthetic value and transform them into the raw material of objects with great personality.

Chorch’s goal is to reduce raw material consumption and minimize waste by creating a new object from reclaimed materials while maintaining aesthetic value. The Nube lamps, which were featured in the Designboom Mart at last month’s Stockholm Furniture Fair in Sweden, succeed at doing just that. The designer’s goal for the lamps themselves is to create an atmosphere of relaxation.

Nube lamps, available in table, floor, and hanging models of different sizes, are made by hand, with the plastic bags joined together one by one to create a unique texture and shape. Chorch uses sustainable production methods that produce no waste. The

lamps are designed to use compact fluorescent bulbs and are packaged in shipping containers made from recycled cardboard and plastic, further reducing the environmental impact.

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  1. Wow, I agree with the Author.. it actually looks like a modern art at first glance but they’re actually made out of everyday, discarded materials – PLASTIC!

    I could use one as a table lamp!

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