Monday, February 27th, 2012

Hilex Poly Wins FPA Sustainability/Environmental Award

The Flexible Packaging Association(FPA) has given an FPA 2012 Achievement Award to plastic bag maker and recycler Hilex Poly Co. of Hartsville, SC for implementing Hilex’s Bag-2-Bag closed-loop recycling program with Kroger Company’s supermarkets.

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Hilex Poly Bag-2-Bag works for Kroger supermarkets.

by Kroger supermarkets.

The majority of the FPA awards honor a specific package, focusing on its printing, design, technical achievement or overall excellence. Hilex Poly’s award, however, is specifically for sustainability and environmental achievement, with the reasons clearly noted. Compared to conventional bags, the Bag-2-Bag requires 20 percent less energy to produce, lowers carbon emissions by 11 percent, diverts millions of pounds from landfills each year, and provides sustainability-conscious consumers a closed loop carryout package.

The retail bags are made using material recycled from plastic bags and other film that shoppers drop into Hilex Poly containers at retail stores such as Kroger’s. It has become very easy for consumers to recycle their bags properly thanks to the closed loop system set up by Hilex Poly.

Hilex Poly is a founding member of Progressive Bag Affiliates, which defends plastic bags and promotes recycling of all plastics film, including bags, and that as of January 1, 2012 has transitioned from the American Chemistry Council to SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association, where it will be known as the American Progressive Bag Alliance (ABPA).

With over 30,000 collection points across the country, mostly at retail stores such as Kroger’s supermarkets, Hilex Poly collects many plastic film products, which in turn are recycle into new bags, and into decking, piping, and playground equipment. As consumers have discovered the ease of using this system, Hilex’s recycling volume has increased by 50% over the last five years. Having invested tens of millions of dollars into its recycling facilities, Hilex Poly was able to recycle more than 20 million pounds of plastic film in last year.

Hilex Poly Bag-2-Bag Recycling Program

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  1. They clearly deserve this award, I am certain that they tremendous investment in this ‘great’ recycling system. Hope they’ll keep up with eco-friendly innovations in packaging industry!

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