Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Honest Tea Helping Kick Off “The Great Recycle” in Times Square

Beverage maker Honest Tea (Gaithersburg, MD), along with with a group of other organizations, is supporting New York City’s pledge to double its recycling efforts by 2017. Kick-off on April 30thwill feature a 30-foot tall recycling bin in Times Square. The goal is to crowd-source at least 45,000 plastic, glass and aluminum beverage containers in ten hours, with a payoff for those who bring in their bottles and cans.

A 30-ft. tall recycling bin will be in Times Square on April 30th, when The Great Recycle takes aim at doubling the Big Apple’s recycling rate.

Those participating in The Great Recycle will get points for each bottle brought in, which can be redeemed at the onsite TRASHed Recycling store for goodies like t-shirts, reusable bags, jeans, video games, sporting events, concerts, and Broadway show tickets, and cold bottles of Honest Tea. (Full disclosure: I like their stuff.)

The other sponsoring organizations include GrowNYC, Recyclebank, Coca-Cola Live Positively, Global Inheritance, and Five-Boro Green Services. “The goal to double the waste diversion rate includes initiatives like expanding access

to recycling in public spaces, and other initiatives that will make it even easier to do the right thing. This is just one component of the Mayor’s efforts to make New York City one of the greenest, most livable cities,” says David Hurd, Director of Recycling Outreach & Education for GrowNYC.

Honest Tea

Honest Tea and Graham Packaging  cut  PET package weight by 22%.

“Honest Tea is committed to finding ways to help Americans recycle more” says Seth Goldman, Honest Tea co-founder and TeaEO. We’ve helped install recycling bins in our hometown of Bethesda, MD and now it’s time to expand our efforts.” Honest Tea also has optimized its packaging, not only for recycling but also for the “reduce” aspect of the Three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It uses both PET and glass bottles, and plastic pouches for the kids drinks in its product lines.

For example, in late 2009 Honest Tea’s PET bottle lost 22% of its weight through close cooperation with supplier Graham Packaging (York, PA). On its website, the company explains to its customers why the change reducing total packaging is a good thing. Previously, Honest Tea put 7.2 lb. of liquid in every pound of packaging material. After the change, one pound of packaging held 12.8 lb. of liquid, a 77.25% improvement.

April 30 is a Monday this year, and what better way to start a week and finish a month than good-for-us-all recycling. So tote your bottles and cans over to The Great Recycle in Times Square, and remember to collect your credits and pick up some swag.

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  1. A very good example shown by Honest Tea company here.. I hope that brands, even packaging manufacturers, find more innovative ways to minimize the plastic waste through recycling.

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