Monday, March 5th, 2012

Lessons From the Lorax Teach Kids About Recycling Plastics

Three months ago we saw the promotional trailer for the just-released animated film derived from the children’s book “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss. It made it clear that the film, unlike the book, portrays plastics and the people who work with them as rather nasty villains. That made me upset, and I said so on this blog.

While I still feel that way, I’m glad the Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council took a much better approach. When the folks at ACC learned that the film was targeting plastics, they saw an opportunity to do something positive, and a plan was set in motion.

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As a result, ACC has created a colorful, easy to navigate website called “Plastics and the Lorax,” organized around several inspirational ideas from The Lorax. The site, which went live on March 2, 2012, helps kids of elementary and middle school age learn the many things plastic can become when it’s recycled, and it shows them how they can help make sure plastics are recycled as they should be.

The website is rich in plastics information, and includes links that connect elementary and middle school teachers with teaching programs and content that they can use to create exciting and fun  learning experiences for kids in their classrooms.

The “Plastics and the Lorax” website provides a friendly, informative contrast to the negative bias against plastics that we see repeated in the mass media—some of which is aimed directly at kids.

Since many adults are not aware that recycling plastic is the best overall strategy, and that it is beneficial to the environment, their kids are likely to grow up with

the same mindset. This new ACC website will help create an awareness of plastics recycling in kids, and it just may filter up to the adults..

Take a look at the “Plastics and the Lorax” website for yourself. Then take the next step and recommend it to your local schools. Mention it to your kids’ teachers. Tell them the Lorax sent you.

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