Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Plastics Champions Show Industry’s Zero-Waste Initiatives at Pack Expo


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Pack Expo 2013 in Las Vegas this week is certain to be a great show, and the perfect place to see the plastics industry’s commitment to broad-based sustainability, especially for packaging. Come to the Plastics Champions booth (C-1526) and learn about the industry’s ongoing Zero Waste Initiatives. See how they will benefit you and how you can get involved. Here are some examples of what you’ll find in Booth C-1526:

Reverse vending machine (right) promotes plastics recycling at Pack Expo 2013.

Reverse vending machine (right) shows how to incentivize plastics recycling at Pack Expo 2013.

A working reverse vending machine from GreenredeemUSA will be incentivizing attendees to recycle by giving them coupons from participating merchants when they put in one plastic bottle.

resinGEAR is the industry’s new clothing line made buy online cheap generic viagra with recycled plastic, and it’s already taken off. Check out resinGEAR apparel of all types for uniforms, execs, customers, promotions and more.

The Recycling Committee at SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association has been busy working on zero-waste strategies, and is open to new members who can contribute to this great initiative. Meet Kim Holmes, SPI’s recycling director, learn about the Committee’s projects, and see how you can be a plus-factor in boosting recycling.

Made with recycled plastic, resinGEAR apparel is seen at Pack Expo 2012

Made with recycled plastic, resinGEAR apparel is in the Plastics Champions booth at Pack Expo 2012.

Operation Clean Sweep is a plug-in program companies can adopt to stop plastic pellet loss before it starts. Over 100 companies use it and it’s going international too. Be amazed at how easy it is to stop the loss of pellets…ahem, and the money paid for them. Seriously, it’s time to Take the Pledge.

Plastics Make it Possible is an initiative set up by the American Chemistry Council — Plastics Division, of course — that is doing an excellent job educating large segments of the general public about the amazing things that plastics make possible. Example; During the recent New York Fashion Week extravaganza Plastics Make it Possible drew major attention with a reverse vending machine dispensing a designer T-shirt in exchange for a plastic bottle. There’s plenty of room for involvement, so come talk with ACC.

More reasons to visit the Plastics Champion Booth at Pack Expo:

The resinGEAR folks have a promo code that gets you a 20-percent discount on a resinGEAR order. SPI is offering a 50-percent discount on 2014 dues for new members or a 50-percent discount on any 2014 conference registration for a current SPI member. SPE, the Society of Plastics Engineers, is giving booth visitors a free one-year subscription to “Plastics Engineering” magazine or a $45 reduction in one-year SPE dues.

There is some other cool swag but you need to go to the Plastics Champions booth — C-1526, lest you forget — to score some. One I like is the PlasticsCHAMPION croakie to keep your glasses or sunglasses in place when you’re on the move. Don’t let on I told you about them, okay? Thanks.

Saving the best for last, yours truly will be at Pack Expo, checking out the new plastics packaging tech as well as hanging out at the Plastics Champions Booth, which as you may know is C-1526. See you there.


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