Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Sadly, Los Angeles Joins the Plastic Bag Ban & Tax Circus

The Los Angeles City Council has voted to ban plastics bags and place a 10-cent tax on paper bags. The retailers will keep all the tax money.

The whole bag ban fad is illogical, irrational, and like so many other things that make the papers these days, unsupported by real science. But who needs facts when there are emotionally charged slogans and celebrities in attendance? Well, I do, and so do many others who favor reason, science, and facts.

Rather than me continuing to rant, I recommend that you read the following statement  from Mark Daniels, Chairman of the American Progressive Bag Alliance (APBA), the organization representing America’s plastic bag manufacturing and recycling sector, a part of the American economy that employs 30,800 people in 349 communities across the nation, including approximately 2,000 in California.


 “By voting to ban plastic bags and impose a 10-cent tax on paper bags, the Los Angeles City Council has sent a terrible message to manufacturers, small businesses and working families in the City of Los Angeles. After recently being voted down in the State Senate, the California Grocers Association continues to peddle this bag ban and tax scam around the state because big grocers stand to make millions from collecting every penny of the tax on paper bags. This ordinance has been sold to the public through junk science in the name of the environment, but bag bans and taxes don’t help the environment – they make things worse. A tax on consumers is hurtful and, worse, a ban on plastic bags threatens the jobs of the 1,000 hard-working employees of Los Angeles area plastic bag manufacturers.

 “Not only is this poor economic policy, it will do more harm to the environment by pushing residents towards higher carbon footprint products. Reusable bags require significantly more water and energy to produce than plastic bags and emit more greenhouse gases in their lifecycle. Furthermore, reusable bags are shipped from overseas, are predominantly made from foreign oil, and cannot be recycled. By passing this ordinance, the L.A. City Council has sadly ignored the facts and voted in favor of limiting consumer choice, increasing grocery bills, killing local jobs and harming the environment.”

Mark Daniels, Chairman
American Progressive Bag Alliance


APBA fought hard and rationally against the L.A. ban and so-called tax, much as it has against others previously. It made detailed presentations to the City Council that substantiate the points Daniels makes about jobs, grocery bills, freedom of choice, and the environmental damage. Mark Daniels and the entire American Progressive Bag Alliance will continue to argue on the side of reason.

 If you would rather have rational, scientifically valid solutions to real problems, and therefore are not caught up in the bag ban fad, please jump in and support APBA’s efforts locally. All the factual info you need to make the case against bans is on the APBA website and the Bag the Ban website. Becoming informed is the best first step.

Bag bans rank high on the list of frauds and con jobs ever pulled on well-meaning Americans. That is absolutely shameful, but the perpetrators are shameless. Though I’m still abstaining from a real rant, there is one feature of the Los Angeles ban that keeps nagging at me: Is this the first time the proceeds of a “tax” created by an American political body go directly to private organizations, or have I missed a trend?

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  1. I feel that the “Bag Ban” will cause MORE harm than good…we well and can have more intense forest fires now because of NO trees being harvest (cut down)….Also people will start getting sick from cross contamination they will put meat/chicken/fish products in their reusable bag and won’t wash it before the next use….then they may put things in like fresh fruit and other foods that will contact the contaminated bag and without realizing they have made themselves sick …..I think that the bags will be back in force in a few years….because of this…..I have made me a collection of both paper and plastic bags….As the saying goes the Richer get Richer and the Poorer get Poorer….So the Supermarkets will get Richer off of the poor people with in this country……I feel sorry for the people who will lose their jobs because of the GREED of the Big Supermarkets…..Shame on you….

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