Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Some Innovations in Plastics Are Just a Little Offbeat

This blog is generally serious, but we think you should enjoy a light-hearted look at two plastics applications currently popular on the Internet. They are, to put it mildly, unusual.

First up, this combination of fashion and function has been increasingly popular this year on the beaches of Qingdao in China’s northeast Shandong province. Called the face-kini, it’s a balaklava-style head covering made of nylon that protects the wearer from the sun’s harmful UV rays—or at least that was the original idea. A recent report on China Radio International was quoted as saying that the facekini also is effective at repelling insects and jellyfish, and that news probably accounts for the fact that the mask concept has now expanded to

become a mask plus a full body suit.

The masks retail for $2 to $4, and some women are making their own. Seeing the masked women for the first time, you might think the beach

is being taken over by extra-terrestrials, or perhaps some new super heroes. But no, it’s merely ladies who desire neither to burn nor tan their skin.


And Remember to Reduce, REUSE, and Recycle

The video below shows  how a small PET bottle can be reused as a tool to handle a tricky kitchen task with ease. It’s 103 seconds long and language is no barrier—enjoy!

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