Thursday, May 16th, 2013

The Truth About Plastic Bags — Straightforward and Illustrated

A sincere thank-you goes to the folks at for producing a brief, easy to read infographic that clearly shows how and why plastic bags are a better choice than paper or reusable shopping bags—for the environment, the economy, and the place where you live.

It’s called The Truth About Plastic Bags, and it lives up to its name with factual, quantitative information on plastic bags relative to litter, source material, recyclability (spoiler alert: 100% recyclable), access to bag recycling, environmental impact (see below), negative impacts of bag bans on retail businesses, and more.

The colorful, multipage infographic is available as a free PDF download that can be easily reprinted and handed to those who mistakenly believe plastic bags make the worst  choice when the truth is the exact opposite. Facts are facts.

You can see a sample from The Truth About Plastic Bags below, and you can see it in full and download it here. For more information on plastic bags, visit, which is presented by Hilex Poly, a leader in plastic bag recycling and manufacturing.


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