Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

SPI President Carteaux Participates in Blog Summit on Recycling

On April 21st the American Chemistry Council (ACC) began a blog summit called “Too Valuable to Waste” that explores recycling efforts and trends in the United States – focusing on barriers to recycling and innovative programs to increase recycling, particularly of plastic. SPI President and CEO Bill Carteaux is participating in the summit.

This week the discussion is centered on the following set of questions:

“What is the state of recycling today? Are we doing enough? What about the current infrastructure works well? In what areas do we need to do more and/or do it differently? How will economic conditions change the ways in which governments manage their recycling programs and will these changes be temporary or permanent?”

Read Bill Carteaux’s first post to the summit, in which he cites the need for real culture change in America concerning recycling.   

ACC intends the blog summit to be a dynamic online conversation; it is open to the public. The participants include independent thought leaders with plastics or recycling expertise, industry executives and established bloggers all of whom will be volunteering their time and knowledge. Read more aboout the purpose of the summit and why ACC is hosting it.

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