Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Technological innovation is a major driving force in business development in today’s global marketplace.

To maintain a competitive edge, businesses seek incentives – sometimes from the federal government – to ensure that they are the first to introduce new technologies, or improved products and services. While the U.S. federal government offers incentives through the Research & Experimentation Tax Credit or the R&D Tax Credit, many businesses fail to take advantage of the program because they are unfamiliar with it and unsure whether their projects qualify.

SPI believes the R&D tax credit is the most effective federal policy designed to promote private research in a free market economy. In an effort to help members gain a better understanding of the opportunities provided by through the policy, SPI has partnered with Black Line Group, a consulting organization with R&D tax credit expertise, to hold a free R&D tax credit webinar.

The webinar, scheduled Jan. 22, will include an overview of the tax credit program including information about costs and activates that qualify, documentation necessary to support an R&D claim, and case studies outlining successful R&D tax credit claims filed by plastics industry firms.

The U.S. federal government encourages businesses and innovators to increase research methods in a variety of ways. In essence, the credit helps businesses boost investment in basic and applied research.  The credit is usually assumed as a single benefit, but leads to more opportunities for business growth.

Join us Jan. 22 for a FREE webinar hosted by Black Line Group with special guest Roger Klouda, president of MSI Mould Builders.


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