Monday, July 25th, 2016

Summer Excursion: Members Tour EREMA, UMass Lowell and Learn About Recycling and Plastics Engineering

The plastics industry continues to find innovative ways to create products that are environmentally friendly without compromising the needs of consumers. In a world where recycling is a learned-behavior, along the way there has been urban legend that foam cups – popular in many an office and college party – are not recyclable. SPI recently held a tour of EREMA Plastic Recycling Systems in Ipswich, MA where members learned first-hand about how to turn foam materials into plastic pellets.


These foam chips are turned into plastic pellets.


Here are the plastic pellets being created.


“It seemed like a good opportunity to promote recycling of materials that aren’t typically recycled. If you use the right equipment, it can be done efficiently and you can make a good product,” said Mike Horrocks, CEO, EREMA North America, Inc.


Ing. Clemens Kitzberger, business development manager at EREMA Group GmbH, Austria and Mike Horrocks, CEO at EREMA North America, Inc.


After touring EREMA, members drove over to UMass Lowell, one of our nation’s only schools dedicated to plastics engineering. The school offers cutting-edge lab research opportunities and internship opportunities with some of the nation’s leading manufacturers and corporations.


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