Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

This Life-Size Ford SUV Model Is Made of Plastic Lego Bricks

Full-size model of Ford Explorer SUV made of Lego bricks

This full-size model of the latest Ford Explorer SUV is made of more than 380,000 plastic Lego bricks.

The bright red Ford Explorer SUV pictured here rolled off the line at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant on September 26, 2011. No one was driving it and no one ever will. It’s made of one of mankind’s most beloved and widely used plastic toys – Lego bricks, more than 380,000 of them.

The plastics content of autos is steadily increasing, so maybe this is a hint of things to come; a car made mostly of plastic materials. But we can be sure it won’t be made like this model. The Lego Ford Explorer was constructed by a team of 22 master builders and took a combined total of 2500 hours to assemble. It weighs over 2600 pounds, about half the weight of a real Ford Explorer, but even that is not all plastics.

The Lego bricks are assembled on a large aluminum base that accounts for 768 pounds of the total weight, so plastics continue to be the key to light-weighting all types of vehicles – cars, boats, planes, trains, automobiles, and more.

Plastics industry professionals will be able to get a closer look at this Lego Ford SUV during NPE2012 in Orlando, Florida, which opens on April 1, 2012. The Lego Ford Explorer will be parked at the new (opening October 15, 2011) 150-acre Legoland Florida theme park in Winter Haven.

It’s not far from NPE2012’s location at the Orange County Convention Center and if you have kids between 2 and 12, Legoland has more than 50 family-friendly rides, shows, and other attractions made for fun. And you can play with the Lego bricks, too.

The video below is a very condensed (2500 hours compressed into 90 seconds) time-lapse recording of the assembly. Enjoy.


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